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More and more consumers find themselves in a situation where they cannot afford the basic necessities; like rent, food and transport fees due to high debt repayment obligations. In some cases, these debt repayments make out 78.2% of the total monthly household income.

The Affordable Distribution Assessment Service offers

The MaxLaw Affordable Distribution Service was specifically designed to assist consumers to start their journey to financial freedom as they embark on a route where all their creditors are still being paid, but in line to what the consumer can afford.

The consumer needs to voluntarily enter the multi-step process to have one lump-sum deducted from their bank account and then distributed by a third party to all their creditors.

Consumers must be qualified to enter the Affordable Distribution Service Agreement. If they do not qualify for the specific service; then MaxLaw will still assist them through the standard Restructuring Negotiation Service offer.

Benefits to the consumer

  • Consumers with a small surplus can now afford repayments on their debt and get financial freedom.
  • Consumers can build up a reserve fund through the Affordable Distribution process to settle accounts sooner.
  • MaxLaw applies the distribution of funds based on a monthly installment to the creditor, in proportion to what the consumer can afford.
  • Statements will be provided to the consumer quarterly (every 3 months) to indicate how much has been paid, which creditors were paid and what their current outstanding balances are.
  • The Affordable Distribution Service is not a court order and therefore the consumer still has credit rights.
  • Only one debit order is deducted from their bank account by MaxLaw; therefore they save on banking charges.
  • The money is then distributed to the consumers’ creditors by MaxLaw via a third party.
  • MaxLaw handles all requests, issues, queries and harassment from creditors and collection companies.
  • The negotiations with the consumers’ creditors for lower instalments and longer terms, are handled by MaxLaw.
  • The consumer gets a detailed financial assessment with a payment plan and all legal agreements will be instituted between MaxLaw and the creditors, on behalf of the consumer.


This payment is determined by the Legal and Administration Department in each MaxLaw Franchise and quoted in accordance to the specific consumers’ need.

The qualifying criteria include

Vehicle or Property

The consumer should not have a vehicle or property that can be repossessed that needs protection under a court order.

The consumer could be under Voluntary Debt Counselling, providing that they are not still paying the fees for the Debt Counsellor.

The consumer must have a bank account that accepts Debit Order deductions.

The first phase to the Voluntary Distribution Service offer is through the Voluntary Distribution Assessment (At the bottom of the Product List in the Take-on process).

Terms you will encounter during the take-on process

Gross Salary

This is the amount that the consumer earns before deduction by the employer.

Nett Salary

This is the amount that the consumer earns after the deductions by the employer. (“Take-home pay”)

Monthly expenses (excluding creditors)

This amount refers to what the consumer needs for his/her living costs.  Here you need to enter an amount that the consumers indicate they have left after their living expenses have been deducted. Surplus = Nett Salary minus Monthly Living Expenses (excludes payments towards debt / creditors)

Monthly Installments toward creditors

This amount indicates what the consumer is supposed to pay to all the creditors.

How much can you afford to pay monthly towards your Creditors?

This amount indicates what the consumer is able to pay towards outstanding debt with his/her creditors.

Other expenses not mentioned

Does the consumer have savings that can be used to settle accounts immediately? This amount can include any future income; for instance a bonus, retrenchment package pay-out or policy that is paying out.


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