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Freedom day Newsletter

Freedom day Newsletter

Dear Valued Client,


On 27 April 2015, millions of South Africans are celebrating Freedom Day. However, millions are also not feeling financial freedom; as they deserve to.

MaxLaw Credit Legal is dedicated to assist our subscribers with the guidance and support that you need in order to break the chains that holds you hostage. We, at MaxLaw, would like to continue providing our subscribers with the exceptional service and remind you of the product benefits that you get FREE with your subscription.

  1. Subscribers that has our Legal Eagle service offer; you are entitled to two free credit bureau assessments every year. You can now be empowered to know your credit standing at the credit bureau and with knowledge of how credit providers see your debt obligations. If you haven’t requested your report for 6 months, MaxLaw Credit Legal would like you to call and request yours today.
  2. If you are subscribed to our Support Product range; this reminder serves as an update that there were amendments to the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 that can now empower to get to your walk to financial freedom with the knowledge that you need. MaxLaw Credit Legal would like you to call us today and get a new look on your financial freedom route by assisting you with an update on your profile and repayments schedule.

Financial freedom for South Africans are our passion at MaxLaw and we urge you to call any of our seven branches countrywide to assist you with your walk to that point where you can break the debt chains that holds you back.

We customise our product solutions to suit your individual need and invite you to call one of our dedicated and knowledgeable agents to assist you today with your financial freedom solution.

Your partner in debt freedom,

MaxLaw Credit Legal