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Let Us Take You from the Bad list to the A List!

Let Us Take You from the Bad list to the A List!

At Maxlaw we offer the ultimate solution to those who are under debt review, have judgements against their name or are simply over indebted. Let us take you from the bad list to the A list by handling your situation professionally and legally for you – turn to us today!

What can we at Maxlaw do for you? The following:

  • Over indebted individuals – we can negotiate lower repayments with your various creditors. This helps you to free up some of your cash flow and better handle your monthly expenses.
  •  Individuals with bad credit record – we can assist with removing judgements, garnishee orders and admin orders efficiently and with ease.
  • Access to information – we have a great learning centre where we can teach you how to approach credit bureaus and how they actually work.
  • Provide you with easy payment terms – when assisting you with your financial issues, we will ensure that you are offered easy payment terms.
  • Earn extra cash – by referring friends and family to our services, you can earn a good commission or incentive.

At Maxlaw we understand that you might have a negative credit rating due to your own spending mistakes, or you could just be being unfairly treated and suffering the consequences of an admin error. Whatever the case may be, we at Maxlaw will ensure that you are made aware of your rights and make sure that you exercise them. If you are under debt review or judgements or are being faced with a potential bad credit record then turn to us and we can negotiate a deal for you that takes your financial situation and affordability into account. We can help you to turn your current monthly financial issues into those that are easier to handle.

With our help you can be free from the shackles of judgements and listings against your name and live a happier and more comfortable life. We understand how creditors, court systems, lenders and credit bureaus work and we put this knowledge to good use when it comes to assisting our clients and catering to their needs. We started offering our services to the South African market in 2006 and have steadily grown from strength to strength ever since. We are a team that is goal focused and will go out our way for our clients.

Our attention to detail and dedication to serving the needs of our clients has earned us a positive reputation and loyal support of many of our existing customers. For those who do not know of our services, we hope for the opportunity to help turn their lives around. We are always available to present potential and existing clients with pertinent information and advice regarding our services and all the various situations that could be affecting their financial freedom and situation.

You can expect to be assisted by our professionally trained staff members who are knowledgeable, helpful and with a wealth of product related advice to offer. If you choose to let us take you from the “bad list” to the A list there is every reason to believe that you will never look back. Our services are thorough, reliable and of course cost-effective. When chatting to a consultant at Maxlaw you will find that they are qualified and experienced legal and financial professionals who want nothing more than to assist you with regaining control of your financial freedom and future once more.

Let us take you from the “bad list” to the A list by requesting further information or applying for assistance on our website without any further delay. Free up your cash flow and start living more comfortably once more.