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Clearing Your Name of Debt with the Help of Legal Professionals at Maxlaw

Clearing Your Name of Debt with the Help of Legal Professionals at Maxlaw

When it comes to clearing your name of debt you are going to need the advice and professional services of someone with financial legal knowledge and experience. At Maxlaw we are just the team to assist. Our knowledge of creditor’s processes, credit bureaus, court systems and lenders is extensive enough for us to provide our clients with advice and guidance with confidence.

We have helped thousands of individuals who are suffering the restrictions of garnishee orders, judgements, admin orders, debt review and defaults. At current we have over 11 000 clients on our books and hope that you will allow us to assist you too. Each of our staff members is professional, qualified and guaranteed to treat you with the friendly respect and dignity that you deserve – whether you have been rightfully or wrongfully listed on the credit bureau.

It is important to realise that once listed you are not negatively reviewed for life. Details on how you handle your accounts will of course be listed against your name on the ITC, but your credit rating or score can be improved if disputes are resolved and settlements reached legally. At Maxlaw we can set various agreements in place with creditors and ensure that you feel the sting of judgements and listings for as short a time span as possible.

We advertise our fees for each of our legal services on our website and ensure that these are kept as reasonable as possible for your convenience. Our main aim is to ensure that our clients are aware of their rights and that these are exercised in their favour. If you wish to free yourself from the shackles of over-indebtedness then we are the legal professionals to assist with the process.

We have been operating in the industry for 7 years now and offer our services professionally to our clients. When it comes to lending, credit applications, budgeting and borrowing we have all the information and advice you may require. Ensure that you are informed and able to take active steps to gaining control of your financial future and freedom once more by chatting to one of our legal professionals at Maxlaw.

When it comes to clearing your name of debt there is certainly nowhere else to turn but to Maxlaw. We will go out of our way to ensure that you are provided with the best possible opportunity to regain control of your finances and start afresh.