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Have Your Bad Credit Records Cleared Legally

Have Your Bad Credit Records Cleared Legally

If you are suffering the negative consequences of bad credit records then we at Maxlaw can certainly assist you with simplifying your life and relieving you from the restrictions that you are probably experiencing. Our team is a professional one that is tasked with assisting more than 4 million individuals in the country who are under garnishee order, admin orders, judgments, debt review and various defaults. Being listed under any of these on your ITC history can affect how current and future creditors view you.

Maxlaw is a team that helps those who have been listed in error as well as those who have been rightfully listed. Just because you have defaulted on certain payments or managed to get yourself on bad credit does not mean that this record remains with you for life and there are various ways in which you can improve on your credit rating – with our assistance of course.

We have been operating in the field for the past 7 years and hope that once chatting one of our consultants you will allow us to assist you. We have an expert legal team that will ensure that you are aware of your rights and are able to exercise them.

At Maxlaw we have a firm understanding of how the South African credit system works. We also understand credit bureau processes, court systems and how general creditors deal with their account holders. With our assistance you will be able to regain control of your finances by being freed from any unreasonable restrictions that may have been placed on you when you received a bad credit record or over-indebted.

Most creditors will carry out a credit check with the ITC on all account applicants. When doing so they will be presented with your personal particulars, details on how you handle your accounts and an overall score that will demonstrate whether you are a good candidate or not. It is important to realise that any negative listings can be resolved should you make arrangements to settle the outstanding accounts and disputes. Chatting to one of our legal professionals about this is a great step in the right direction to getting this done.

We have set fees in place for our general legal services listed on our website and we encourage you to contact us should you wish to acquire professional help. If you are looking into your options when it comes to clearing bad credit records, allow us at Maxlaw to provide you with a quotation to compare with other service providers in the field.